Kiko TV - Social Commerce Redefined

Kiko TV - Social Commerce Redefined


KIKO TV is now India's first AI-powered video and live commerce platform.

After Titok was told take a walk, Bharat Ka Apna app, Kiko TV is trying to change the video shopping landscape. How? Let's watch Alok Chawla (CMO and Neeta Chawla (CSO) talk about the venture.

KIKO TV, a recently launched AI-powered start-up has repositioned itself from a short format video app to an assisted shopping experience app. KIKO TV is now India's first AI-powered video and live commerce platform for an assisted shopping experience.

The platform which was launched a few months ago, amidst the pandemic, has been witnessing a 30% month-on-month increase in the social commerce vertical and will now be focusing on the growing market opportunities present within the same. The start-up will be investing heavily in building the same by acquiring a larger user database and building an aggregator community for sellers.

In the current pandemic, with buyers not able to go to retail outlets or malls to shop, the experience of shopping is missing. Buyers are looking to get a live shopping experience digitally from their favourite stores and brands and KIKO TV aims to fill this gap and provide a solution to this exact need by introducing a two-way live video communication stage between merchants and buyers. Users of the app can now enjoy a seamless shopping experience and discuss the product with the seller before purchasing it.